Riftmaster Blog tour- Interviews, excerpts, and more!

How do you hold on to hope when you’re being repeatedly wrenched between worlds?

College student Bailey Jones is plucked from his world by a mysterious and unpredictable force known as the Rift, which appears to move people at random from one world to another. Stranded on an alien planet, he is relieved when he meets a fellow human, the self-styled Riftmaster, who is prepared to assist him. Although curious about his new companion’s real identity, Bailey hopes that, with years of experience of the Rift, this cosmic traveller can help him find a way to return to Earth. But first, as the two of them are ripped without warning from one hostile planet to another, Bailey must rely on the Riftmaster to show him how to survive.

Riftmaster, an adventure, an exploration, is concerned with loss, and letting go, while still holding onto your humanity and identity, even when life seems hopeless.

Hey everyone!

As you probably already know, I’ve have been incredibly busy over the past few months! But it all has been worth it, and hopefully the radio silence has finally come to an end! During my absence, the release of my debut novel, Riftmaster, has been steadily drawing nearer. Now the digital release is upon us, with my book officially launching as an Ebook tomorrow! 

For a tiny taste, I’ve included a small teaser below.

…And then, a shape. Bailey saw a shadow ahead of him, falling on the snow. The blizzard was so thick that the source couldn’t have been more than a stone’s throw away. As Bailey struggled on he realised that there was something forcing its way through the gale. Bailey couldn’t tell – his vision blurred – but he thought that the figure was heading towards him. His chest heaved, and he cried out in joy, but the sound was lost to the howling winds.

He waved his arms and felt the snowflakes striking hard and fast. The shadow grew larger; the young man could make out slow bobbing motions as whoever it was moved uphill towards him.

The figure wore some sort of heavy cloak that mostly obscured their shape – they flickered in and out of view, so well-camouflaged against the blizzard that they may well have been a mirage.

Bailey struck out towards the shape. His vision blurred from squinting, the vaguest outline of the stranger was all he could see. The glorious moment that he saw a chance of salvation was almost enough to help him forget the cold.


In the meantime, I have a wonderful announcement to make.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I’ll be participating in a blog tour! Over the next 5 days, I’ll be hopping between various blogs and, as with today, sharing excerpts, participating in interviews, and offering brand new information on the writing, publication, and world of Riftmaster.

I’d like to use today to quickly introduce the lovely people who have graciously allowed me to take up space on their blogs, and the type of information you can expect there!

  • Tomorrow, I’ll be talking about Riftmaster’s creation along with my background in writing with questions from Mark Iles.
  • On the 6th of March, I’ll be exploring the various worlds and creatures that inhabit Riftmaster’s universe with Geoff Nelder.
  • On the 7th of March, I’ll be talking about how my current writing projects are influenced by my studies in Game Design, with Sarah Udoh-Furthner.
  • On the 8th, I’ll be talking about the characters and inspirations with Kate Marie Collins.
  • Finally, on the 9th, I’ll be offering advice on pitching and publishing on the Scribe.

Before I go, I’d like to offer my biggest and most heartfelt thanks to all the folks involved! It’s been so much fun answering all your questions, and I hope that everyone enjoys learning a bit more about myself and my process!

Make sure to check back in tomorrow to read the next excerpt and see my interview with Mark Iles!

See Mark’s post here!

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