Representation Matters- Discussion Workshop

This weekend, I attended Novacon 50. In addition to being Britain’s longest-running Science Fiction Convention, it also has a massive number of attendees who are authors, writers, and publishers. I volunteered to hold a workshop there based around representation, and writing LGBTQ+ characters even if the author may have been afraid to before. The aimContinue reading “Representation Matters- Discussion Workshop”

Guest Interview with Mark Iles on Gardens of Earth

Hello and welcome one and all, to my Blog! Today I have a special feature for you all as we welcome Mark Iles to the stage to talk a bit about his new novel, Gardens of Earth. I was given the opportunity to ask Mark some questions about his novel and the process of writingContinue reading “Guest Interview with Mark Iles on Gardens of Earth”

Riftmaster: Paperback Release and more!

Hey everyone! So, after years of writing, drawing, and sometimes crying, the day is finally here. Riftmaster’s physical edition is out, and it looks incredible! With almost 300 pages, 22 miniature illustrations and a story that will tug at the heartstrings of even the harshest reviewer (please prove me wrong!) it’s definitely one to lookContinue reading “Riftmaster: Paperback Release and more!”

Guest interview with Craig Meghan on Far Far beyond Berlin

Hey everyone!! Something a little bit different today, as it’s a rather special occasion; I’m hosting my first guest interview! Today, I’m playing host to Craig Meghan, in the last leg of his blog tour! If you’re curious, the last leg can be seen and read here on The Scribe! Craig is here to discussContinue reading “Guest interview with Craig Meghan on Far Far beyond Berlin”

Riftmaster Blog tour- Interviews, excerpts, and more!

How do you hold on to hope when you’re being repeatedly wrenched between worlds? College student Bailey Jones is plucked from his world by a mysterious and unpredictable force known as the Rift, which appears to move people at random from one world to another. Stranded on an alien planet, he is relieved when heContinue reading “Riftmaster Blog tour- Interviews, excerpts, and more!”

Writing Animal Characters

Hey everyone! Been a while, hasn’t it? My apologies for the mini-break, I’ve been knee deep in NaNoWriMo, and I thought I’d get back into the swing of things by talking about something that makes me incredibly happy. One comment I receive a lot about my writing is that my characterization is excellent. Another commentContinue reading “Writing Animal Characters”

Improving Dialogue without Dialogue

Happy NaNoWriMo, everyone! I thought I’d kick off the momentous month by discussing some tips for one of the most important, and difficult parts of writing. Dialogue is what I’d describe as many writers’ kryptonite. For me, though, having been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum disorder, and struggling with social situations by default, I find itContinue reading “Improving Dialogue without Dialogue”

Tips and Tricks for Writing to a Deadline

When I work, it’s no secret that I love to do it fast. Riftmaster, for example, was written over the course of 30 days, after I decided my new year’s resolution was to write a new book. I started it on the 3rd of January 2019, and finished the first draft on the 3rd ofContinue reading “Tips and Tricks for Writing to a Deadline”