If you’re here, I take that you’ve already read through the ‘My Works’ section, and are interested in the specifics of the services I have to offer, as well as my experience. If you haven’t, please click the link above for a full list of the projects I have taken part in. Please note that I will not work on projects which are NSFW or clash with my personal morals (such as racist, homophobic or transphobic content). I will refuse any commission that falls into these categories or simply makes me uncomfortable. If paying in advance, you will be refunded for any uncompleted work.

Now that that’s out of the way, welcome!

Typesetting and transcribing

If you want something typed, formatted or copy-edited, I’m your guy! I can type up written words and convert them into typed documents quickly and easily. Indecipherable handwriting shouldn’t be an issue– but if there are any problems I’ll let you know ahead of time. The largest project of this kind I have worked on was the Gilesgate Story Challenge, typing and formatting a book of 350 pages and a whopping 75 stories, written by the children of Durham. Completing this book was one of my personal favourite achievements, and most of the stories were typed up from hand-written documents.


One of the things I enjoy most about being an author is working with young writers. Helping young people to break out of their shell and grow confidence in their own abilities is one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had, and hearing young people share their stories never fails to make me happy. In addition to being a unit helper at Guides, I have lead paid masterclasses with New Writing North, and was a part of their Talent Fund for new and upcoming authors. I am also more than happy to work with and offer mentorship to older writers.


I am a keen illustrator of both digital and traditional art. Most of my pieces work best in black and white, and I enjoy the challenge of creating striking contrasts between the two extremes. While I enjoy, and have been commissioned larger pieces, my favourites to work on are small but stylish icons, perfect for the beginnings of chapters or as scene breaks. These can be seen scattered throughout my website and blog. (If you are interested in these, I can offer one for £10, or several for a reduced rate) I have also produced larger illustrations for the Gilesgate Story Challenge. As well as illustrating all of my own works, I have designed the cover art for both Riftmaster and the Forge and the Flow.

if you’re interested in any of these services, please either send me a message via the ‘contact me’ page, or email me at .

Thank you so much for your time, and I hope you have a great day!

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