I have two published novels currently available, which can be seen below. They are also fully illustrated by me!

Riftmaster is a novel about a college student who finds himself whisked away from Earth by a mysterious and unpredictable force known as the Rift.

It is a story of identity, loss, and what it means to be human.

It is available as an eBook from various online stores including Kindle, Google Books, and iBooks. It is also available in paperback.

The Forge and the Flood is a fantasy novella which takes place on another world inhabited by the Ailura and the Lutra. This story has themes of renewal, self-discovery, and forging new traditions while remembering your roots. It was originally written and illustrated as a gift to my husband on our wedding day.

This book was released on Valentines Day 2022, and is available as an ebook and paperback.

Anthologies & Illustration

I have contributed to several anthologies and books of short stories.

In addition to being one of two illustrators in the first two volumes of Simon Berry’s Gilesgate Story Challenge, I also edited, typeset, and compiled all of them! This is a local charity project geared towards inspiring and publishing young writers from ages 5-16. All funds earned from the 2020 book go to local charities RT Projects and the Cheesy Waffles Foundation.

In the Gilesgate Story Challenge 2021 I was the lead artist and illustrated the winning entry of the book, Sammy the Slug. In addition, I produced a variety of small, black and white illustrations for all the runners-up.

I also contributed a biographical essay to Laura Kate Dale’s Gender Euphoria. My contribution to this book was the story ‘My Husband’s Husband’. For this I shared the story of our wedding day, and all the legalities we had to consider when planning our wedding to make it truly ours.

Events and Masterclasses

I have planned and led numerous masterclasses at New Writing North young writers group, in which I taught young people between the ages of 12 and 19 creative writing skills and techniques, and led a variety of activities.

My biggest event to date was a part in the Durham Children’s Book and Fun Day, where I held drop-in writing sessions based on wildlife and nature entitled Creature Chaos. My session was very well received with dozens of participants over the course of the day.

Since then, I have regularly held drop-in sessions in the city centre. I took part in the Uniformed Services day with a Halloween-themed masterclass and my next session will be at the Durham Children’s Book and Fun Day in August.

I frequently hold stalls at events, festivals and markets to meet my readers and sign books, as well as launch events for each new release.

I have also spoken on several radio and news broadcasts, such as Spark Sunderland and Durham on Air, mostly in relation to these events. Following the release of Gender Euphoria, I also participated in several streams with Laura Kate Dale and was a guest on podcast All the Genders. I have also held panels and workshops at Science Fiction conventions, one of which (Representation Matters) has been uploaded to my blog.


Miles is an author from North-east England, who produces works of science fiction and fantasy.

His first novel, Riftmaster, is due to be released in 2021.

Get in Touch

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