Trigger Warnings


One of the things I always want to strive for in my works is inclusivity. I want to make sure that everyone who wants to read my works has the best, safest time they can. I don’t want my books to cause stress to those who read them. They are meant to be enjoyable, after all. However, given the nature of trigger warnings, I must warn you that there are major spoilers ahead. So, for those who do not need the warning, please stop reading now!


Riftmaster contains no explicit or sexual content.

General trigger warnings

  • Mentions of suicide
  • Grief/loss
  • Mentions of cannibalism
  • Existential themes
  • infrequent/mild violence
  • Prolonged periods of isolation

LGBTQ+ specific trigger warnings

  • Deadnaming
  • Misgendering
  • Toxic masculinity

The Forge and the Flow

The Forge and the Flow contains no explicit or sexual content.

General Triggers

  • Loss of parental figure
  • Natural disaster/loss of home
  • Grief/loss
  • Anxiety

LGBTQ+ specific triggers

  • Fear of coming out

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